Workplace mediation & conflict resolution: Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland

HR Risk Management provides mediation and conflict resolution services across all sectors throughout Scotland.

These include:

  • One – one meditation
  • Group meditations e.g. with teams experiencing conflict
  • Conflict resolution – Which may use a more directive approach from mediation supervision of internal mediators 

The mediation process involves individual meetings with employees and the mediator followed by a joint meeting. One-to-one mediations require one to two days of work, whilst group mediations will require slightly longer. This compares favorably to formal investigations that can take 10 days and more.

Our workplace mediation services enable working relationships to be restored. This avoids the costs of formal procedures and the possibility of sickness absences, resignations or dismissals that can follow these, allowing your business to function smoothly and efficiently.

Experience of over 30 individual and group mediation processes have demonstrated the value of this approach.

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