Employment Law

HR Risk Management offers employment services across Scotland that ensure companies and organizations can manage workforce issues effectively. Employment law and regulations set a tight framework around employee relations, but rather than tell you what you must do, I’ll discuss your options with you and work from there.

Employment Law Services

  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Grievances 
  • Bullying and harassment claims
  • Performance and capability issues

I carry out investigations, provide reports, support formal hearings, provide training and awareness sessions all designed around the needs of your organization.

Attendance and Absence Management

I can give managers the tools to deal with more straightforward attendance issues or be more directly involved with more complex cases where for example there may be a disability involved.

 Employment Tribunals

I’ve been involved in over 500 employee relations cases. I can count the number of tribunal applications that have come from those cases on the fingers of one hand. I do investigations, lawyers do tribunals.

Employee Relations Services

For all your employment law issues contact HR Risk Management today.

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